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Healthcare practitioners constantly seek out the most current and effective approaches to helping patients achieve optimal health in Denver. XYMOGEN provides practitioners with cutting-edge research and developments in clinical nutrition and functional medicine to assist them in this practice.

Partnering with XYMOGEN assures your healthcare practitioner that the formulas they recommend and use are the highest quality in the industry and contain effective levels of ingredients. All XYMOGEN formulas are pharmaceutical grade. This means that the product has been manufactured under GMP (good manufacturing practices) conditions and is safe, pure, and effective.

Under GMP guidelines, every step of the manufacturing process is documented by using established SOPs (standard operating procedures). These include training, equipment, raw materials, facilities, and final-release criteria.

Every product’s development can be traced back to the date, time, person, lot number, and piece of equipment associated with it.

We’ve Earned Doctors’ Trust in Denver

“The practice of ‘window dressing’ a label—listing a whole bunch of ingredients in minuscule amounts—leads consumers to believe they are getting a great deal when, in fact, the amounts of many nutrients are so low as to be meaningless. Having the right dose and type of nutrient matters deeply. My patients deserve very high quality and appropriately potent formulas at a good price. XYMOGEN provides this for my patients.”

– Medical Doctor from Tennessee, United States

XYMOGEN’s Medical Board of Advisors: An Important Resource for Your Practitioner

XYMOGEN practitioners can rely on the unique depth and breadth of experience and knowledge provided by our esteemed medical board of advisors (BOA). Our BOA comprises more than a dozen leading and practicing healthcare professionals, each of whom is focused on a different specialty. Not all dietary supplement companies or practitioners have this vital resource.

Our BOA team shares research, formula development expertise, and clinical experience to develop the best possible formulas.

They provide educational seminars and webinars to our practitioners so that your practitioner is better able to translate the science into clinical practice—a direct benefit to you, the patient.

If you or your practitioner has a question about—or an idea for—a formula, it can be routed to a BOA member for reply or consideration. XYMOGEN has this type of personal relationship with your practitioner’s practice—and you!

Xymogen: Patient Education

We believe that people have to be active participants in their healthcare choices. This is why education is an important focus at XYMOGEN. We continually offer educational seminars and webinars to our practitioners, who are your direct source for information. We also provide patient-friendly materials on various health-related topics to help keep you “in the know.” If you want to learn more about how natural substances can impact your health and life, read the information below and talk to your healthcare practitioner.

Whether you are looking to reduce the effects of stress on your body, support bone or joint health, or simply want to ensure optimal nutrition, you have choices. The right combination of formulas, taken at the right levels, will help you experience the results you’re after. Consult your healthcare practitioner today to find the right formula(s) for you.

Whether you’re an athlete, a stay-at-home mom, an outdoor enthusiast, a college student, a business person, a workaholic, or someone in their golden years, XYMOGEN has formulas that will suit your lifestyle and help maximize your health and vitality.*

The XYMOGEN Difference

If You Want Results, Look No Further.

Every day, more and more practitioners and their patients choose XYMOGEN. We are a trusted, experienced company that provides only the highest-quality ingredients at effective levels and in well-researched combinations. Our formulas have been used and trusted by thousands across the United States and internationally, and our standards speak to the reasons:

  • Quality and Innovation: We search the world over for the purest raw materials that are scientifically or clinically-proven to be well-absorbed, safe, and effective—this is at the heart of what we do.
  • Value and Results: When you put your hard-earned money into the hope for better health, you expect results. Well, so do we! We are passionate about helping people live the healthiest life they can possibly live. And we want to help you thrive!
  • We are a people-first organization: At XYMOGEN, everyone is a decision-maker because we listen. Feedback is a critical ingredient in our successful formulations.


We have always held dependability and purity in the highest regard, and we always will. You can rest assured: What appears on a label is in the container!


And you trust your practitioner. When you choose XYMOGEN, you get much, much more than industry-leading formulas; you get a dedicated team to support you. Our objective is to help you achieve your health goals.

XYMOGEN is a family-owned company that grew out of Founder and CEO Brian Blackburn’s ability to identify practitioners’ needs and wants. Mr. Blackburn then called upon some of the most talented, passionate, well-informed, and experienced professionals in the fields of medicine, nutrition, and dietary supplements to use the latest science and research to develop XYMOGEN formulas. He employed highly experienced, very knowledgeable Functional Medicine Consultants to meet one-on-one with practitioners in order to keep them abreast of the latest findings with respect to the use of dietary supplements. Mr. Blackburn considers his team XYMOGEN’s greatest asset. Each member is committed to improving the quality of life for people like you and your loved ones through safe, natural formulas.


Wholescripts is the new online ordering system for all Xymogen products and multiple other brands.

MedPax: Dr. Jennifer can now make customized sachets of your specific vitamins and send them pre-packaged. How you have your morning, mid-day, and evening supplements dosed properly and easy to pack for travel, and you don’t have bottles of all different sizes sitting around and worse – expiring. Patients are saying it’s easier to take their supplements because it’s organized, easy to take with them, and doesn’t require them to order bottles of supplements.

To order Xymogen professional-grade supplements directly, for Dr Jennifer’s recommendations and for MedPax through the new Wholescripts system CLICK HERE! Create an account and order directly. Items will be shipped to your preferred address for contactless professional-grade nutraceuticals.

If you have any questions text: (720) 603-9575 with your availability and we will set up a time to call you.

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