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We know that Chiropractic treatment can seem intimidating at first, but here at Fluid Chiropractic, we make sure that you feel comfortable the minute you step in our door.

To find out more about our Chiropractic Treatment Services in Denver click here. We know you’ll appreciate the number of services we offer to tailor your chiropractic experience to your needs.


WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear comfortable clothing. Yoga clothing is ideal. If we are KinesioTaping you will need to expose the area being taped and shave the entire area. Please empty your pockets, remove all jewelry, shoes and belts and place these items in the baskets provided.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: This visit is your first Chiropractic Visit. It is a 60 minute appointment take your full medical history and a comprehensive physical exam. This session does not include treatment.

REPORT OF FINDINGS: This is your second visit, 60 minutes. In this visit Dr. Jennifer will go over your report of findings, answer your questions, explain the treatment plan, discuss the style of treatment, duration of treatment, treatment frequency and what to expect at your re-assessment at the end of your treatment plan.

DIAGNOSTIC EXAMS: Dr. Jennifer does not take X-rays on-site. If X-rays, MRI, Ultrasound or any other exam is required, she will write up requisition form and have the X-rays taken at the Imaging Center. We have contracted excellent prices with this imaging center, however they also accept most insurances.

LABORATORY EXAMS: If Dr. Jennifer feels you need any diagnostic lab tests, she will discuss this at your consultation visit.

REGULAR VISIT: Your treatments are based on your individualized plan. We will go over this at your Second Visit.

**If you know we will be KinesioTaping, please: shave the area we are taping, do not use lotion/oil and DO wear clothing that allows access to the region we are taping.**

RE-ASSESSMENTS: This visit is at the end of your chiropractic treatment plan, or in some cases if you have a new injury. Treatment is stopped. We review your current symptoms, perform a re-examination and re-measure to compare where you were to where you are now. Based on your re-exam and measurements, we determine the next phase of care.

GROUP AND WALK-IN VISITS: Currently all visits are appointment-based. Please contact us for an appointment.

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