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At Fluid Chiropractic, we offer a variety of chiropractic services in Denver. Keep reading to see how we can help you today!

Chiropractic Services and Therapy Equipment in Denver

INERTIAL EXTENSILIZER: Spinal Decompression-Automatic Priority Adjustment:

What makes the “Extensilizer” unique is the “AUTOMATIC PRIORITY ADJUSTMENT” procedure that can be done on this very special table that results in a “straight headward release” that can be very useful for many types of SPINAL COMPRESSION SYNDROMES very common in spinal degenerative conditions, or after many types of injuries after auto accidents or work related incidents or cumulative work trauma over years of physical stress. The Inertial Extensilizer is a unique combination of therapeutic effects in one chiropractic treatment table. The “Extensilizer” can serve as a typical chiropractic adjusting table or bench for many common chiropractic adjusting techniques.

INTERSEGMENTAL TRACTION and STABILIZER: Passive Range of Motion, Traction, & Exercise for the Spine

Intersegmental Traction is a passive range of motion exercise machine for the spine while creating traction at each vertebral segment of the spine. Comfortable rollers contact each side along the spine creating a gentle pressure that passively (patient relaxes and need not do anything) moves the spinal joints through a rhythmic range of motion designed to restore motion, elasticity and alignment of the spinal joints. The “stabilizer” as it is called also helps to re-hydrate compressed spinal discs by the repeated mobilization which helps to pull nutrition as fluids are moved into the disc tissue and surrounding soft tissues (ligaments, tendons) as well and aid in overall spinal health. Often times chiropractic spinal adjustments are needed to “free up” stiff or fixated spinal joints from their misaligned or subluxated positions. Prior to a chiropractic adjustment, the traction opens compressed joints, breaks up adhesions in soft tissues surrounding the joint, hydrates and prepares your spine for a very comfortable adjustment. After a chiropractic adjustment, the “stabilizer” works wonders in enhancing and “stabilizing” the newly created spinal joint flexibility, mobility, and alignment so as to help the effects of the adjustment seem to last longer, and help overall spinal problems get corrected faster.


The Dynatron 650Plus is a revolutionary electrotherapy treatment modality utilizing Microcurrent, HiVolt, Interferential, Premodulated, Biphasic, Russian Stimulation therapies. Another amazing and unique quality of this particular equipment is the “Target” mode. In this mode, the precise area to be treated can be achieved by simply moving ones finger on the “target pad” on the equipment’s face that corresponds to the focused location of the interferential effect inside the patient’s body, i.e. precisely where it has the most desirous healing and/or pain relieving effect. This modality is great for pain relief, reduction of radiating nerve pain, muscle spasm reduction, edema or swelling reduction, deep tissue massage, scar tissue, muscle rehabilitation, muscle activation, muscle re-training.


Shortwave Diathermy is a deep heating modality. When the part of the patient’s body being treated is placed within the “field” created by this therapeutic modality a very deep, but gentle feeling, heating effect is created. Muscles relax, blood flow is significantly increased and many powerful healing effects are called into play. While not everyone is a candidate for this type of treatment, it can be immensely helpful in indicated patients and conditions.

Diathermy can reach areas as deep as two inches beneath the skin’s surface. Diathermy does not apply heat directly to the body. Instead, the waves generated by the machine allow the body to generate heat from within the targeted tissue.


Intelect® is a name the clinical rehabilitation community relies on. Intelect Legend Ultrasound is well known for their exceptional clinical performance. Ultrasonic therapy increases the temperature of tissues at a cellular level, increasing circulation and accelerating the recovery process. Extremely effective at reducing pain and inflammation of connective tissues in joints such as the knee, shoulder, hips and back, it supplies deep penetrating sound waves directly to the source of the pain to immediately soothe and relax it away. Clinical testing has shown ultrasonic therapy is one of the most efficient, non-invasive, heat therapies for collagen-based tissues approved for medical use, providing dramatic increases in the rate of cellular repair, blood oxygen circulation, and beneficial pain relief without dangerous side-effects.


The instruments that we use here at Fluid Chiropractic allow us to work on Acute, pediatric and elderly patients with safety and comfort.

In addition, these instruments allow us to speed up the healing process, reset the joints/ joint receptors / muscles / fascia and hold the changes longer. They can be applied to any aspect of the musculo-skeletal system safely. Every aspect of this treatment protocol and adjustable for your comfort level.


Radial Shockwave Therapy, a form of Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), is a noninvasive treatment that involves the delivery of shock waves to reduce pain, increase range of motion, induce re-vascularization, stimulate cellular regeneration and repair tendon,muscle and bone.

Our equipment is state of the art and shockwave therapy is the latest in the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders in the field of orthopedics and rehabilitation medicine.

It is indicated in the treatment of plantar fascitiitis, heel spurs, patellar tendonitis, lateral epicondylitis ( tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow), thumb arthritis, shoulder tendonitis, spasticity (MS, cerebral palso), chronic inflammation, bursitis, shin splints, morton’s neuroma and osteoarthritis.

Treatment depends on the chronicity, tissues involved and location. Generally the visits are once every 4 days for chronic conditions and once every 6-7 days for acute conditions. Six to eight treatments are required and take about 5 minutes.

Side effects may include bruising, swelling and redness. Most patients experience mild pain during the treatment and experience benefits immediately. This is a very popular therapy.


We have advanced KinesioTaping International Training. We only use the best tape, and that is KinesioTape. It is 100% cotton with acrylic glue. No latex, no elastic, no chemicals. KinesioTape can be used for muscle pain, tendonitis, sprains, lymph, swelling, bruising, fascia, scar tissue and nerves. It is phenomenal for musculo-skeletal conditions. It can be worn in the water 45 minutes after taping and will stay on 5-7 days. The tape is thinner than skin and attaches to skin cells, therefore you will find it very comfortable, supportive and speeds uphealing while you continue your regular sport, activity or daily task.


RJL Systems’ technological advances are the benchmark, or “gold-standard”, of the BIA instrument industry.

RJL’s Bio-Impedance Analysis is allows us to calculate your body composition. The test is non-invasive, comfortable and will take approximately 5 minutes to perform. RJL’s BIA measures: Weight and BMI, Fat and Fat Mass Index (FMI), Fat-Free Mass (FFM) and FFM Index, Lean Dry Mass (LDM),Total Body Water (TBW), Intra-Cellular Water (ICW), Extra-Cellular Water (ECW), Bone Mineral Content (BMC), Lean Soft Tissue (LST), Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM).

RJL’s Quantum technology for body composition assessment is approved by the FDA as a Class 2 Medical Device, and is cited in thousands of international research studies, abstracts and peer reviewed articles. Publications featuring studies using RJL technologies include The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Journal of Applied Physiology, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Journal of Health Promotion, Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, Journal of Exercise Physiology, and the Journal of Renal Nutrition.

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