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We run the entire spectrum of laboratory diagnostic tests in Denver that are available from the hospital. We use the national laboratory Lab Corp.

Selecting a quality laboratory that keeps pace with the rapid advances in health care and laboratory diagnostic medicine helps ensure that health care dollars are spent on the most appropriate treatments and therapies that benefit patients. LabCorp’s testing services provide clinical value, building knowledge that can lead to earlier detection, diagnosis, and more effective treatment through quality information, innovation, and convenience.

FAQ’s in Denver

  • Find a Lab near you and schedule an appointment
  • The labs generally open from 7-8am and some labs are open on Saturday. Click the link above to find out specific testing hours for the location nearest you.
  • All Blood Tests are performed FASTING 12 HOURS.
  • DO NOT TAKE BLOOD THINNERS FOR THE BLOOD TEST. Depending on the blood test you may have one to five tubes of blood taken. Drink water if you are concerned you may not fill all the tubes. If you do not fill all the tubes we will run the tests as per normal and send you back another time to complete any missing tests. This is not normally a problem, but once in a while it does happen.
  • Supplements: Continue taking all presecribed and regularly taken supplements as per normal.
  • Medications: Continue taking all prescribed and regularly taken medications as per normal.
  • The requistion form will be provided at your Nutrition Initial Consultation
  • Payment: All laboratory diagnostic tests are paid for in the office prior to going to the lab with your requisition form. The blood draw fee is included. Do not pay for anything at Lab Corp.
  • We do not provide your results online. Your results are given to you at your Nutrition Report of Findings.

In the Nutrition Program you will recieve a full 16-18 page comprehensive report of findings. Click here for more details for more information.

If you are a Chiropractic Practice Member you also receive Nutrition Program Discounts. Ask Dr. Jennifer for more details at your next appointment or contact us.

tests we offer

Urine Analysis Test

Urine Halide Test

Urine Toxic Element Challenge Test

Cellular Response Testing

Mineral Tissue Analysis (Hair Analysis)

This is an extracellular test of your body’s chemistry using hair analysis. When run alongside blood work (intracellular biochemistry) it gives the full spectrum of your health and is excellent for tracking progress. With a chiropractic package you can save up to 30% on these diagnostic tests.

Blood Food Intolerance Testing

Did you ever think you could be intolerant to ginger or carrots? You’d be surprised. Blood testing can check for degrees of intolerance to a full spectrum of foods, airborne allergens, animals and mold. This testing has different options and a range of price plans. If you have a chiropractic package you can save up to 30% on these diagnostic tests. You do not have to be a practice member to run these tests.

Cellular Response Testing

The ALCAT Test will tell you which foods and chemicals are causing inflammation and which are not.

Inflammation caused by reactions are linked to a wide variety of chronic health problems like obesity and diabetes, as well as skin, heart, joint, and digestive disorders.

Symptoms can show-up hours or even days later, making it hard to connect the dots. Elimination diets can be effective for the big offenders like corn, gluten, dairy, and soy…but what about the dozens of others foods you like to eat?

What’s the difference between the standard lgG food sensitivity test and the ALCAT test? The ALCAT test is a live blood cell test designed to measure your reaction to foods, chemicals, and molds. An lgG test is heavily dependent on previous exposure and simply counts existing antibodies.

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Tests we do not perform and Why:

Saliva Testing:

A company sent off saliva from one specimen for specific tests (hormonal) and sent to a multitude of labs to check the lab validity. The result was that each lab came up with different findings and many were not accurate. For this reason we do not consider saliva testing reliable or reproducible.

Stool Analysis Testing:

A company sent off stool samples from one speciment for specific parasite and toxic testing. The samples were injected with different forms of pathologic parasites, bacteria and toxins. The results came back with pathology that were not there when the sample was mailed, some did not pick up the pathogens that were injected purposely and many labs came up with very different results. For this reason we do not find stool analysis testing reliable or reproducible.

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