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Key details to notice are the 1-size of the screen you have, 2- the weight of the screen you have, 3-VESA mount capability (are there 4 screw holes on the back of your all-in-one computer or monitor? In addition, you want to see in the descriptor “gas-spring”, “full motion swivel arm”, “height adjustable”, “tilting”. NB is the brand I use at home at work and it is fantastic and affordable! They offer a clamp-style or pin/drill connection. I use the clamp. This is key to avoiding back pain at the office!

17-30" Monitors

22-35" Monitors

Dual Monitors

This NB brand I’ve been using for 8 years. It’s inexpensive and works fantastic. Not expensive. Fantastic. I use this for all my computer and TV monitors.


This is the brand I use and it is excellent. The Kore stool has a weighted base that is circular so you can lean in any direction without falling over and without stress to your back. It greatly reduces back strain and helps keep posture strong. There are seat options but I only recommend the leather top. The cloth top feels terrible to sit on. There are two sizes, normal and executive. I use the normal with patients and the executive for my standing desk. At the standing desk, I have a half-round foam roller to put my feet on when sitting to keep my posture. You can always use the foam roller for calf stretches, standing balance exercises, etc as well!


If you’re using a normal chair, here is the seat wedge. Cut the width if you are placing this on a bucket seat office chair or car – needs to be flat. Can be used on dining chairs, couches, office chairs, car seats, etc. This is to lift your hip height above your knee height and let you sit back on chairs/couches. We also sell this in the office.

NOTE: there is no cutout section here. You do NOT want a hole for the sacrum/coccyx.


This is the back support cushion we recommend for all chairs, couches, and sometimes car seats if they don’t have lumbar support.


You are using this to put your laptop screen at EYE LEVEL so you will not be using the mouse attachment. This is too narrow to hold books so you would need the stand below for books.  Do NOT use the mouse attachment. That will negate the point of using this.


For Kids and Students! Holds 100-200 page books at eye level! Every person using books should be using this to bring the book to eye level. This is not as durable as the stand above for laptops so you would need both if you have books and laptops.


Studying? Reading on Kindle? Doing exercises/stretches on your devices? This is expandable to adapt to tablets and phones. Adjustable tilt, adjustable 360 rotation, pull in toward you or push away, height adjustable! This is a Dr. J favorite. I use this in the yard studying on my tablet for my sports diplomate program and keeping an eye on my dog. It is a floor stand that can be easily taken apart into 2 pieces for storage or travel (base doesn’t fold). Seriously, save your back and neck and get this. You’re all using these devices. Start using them ergonomically!


This is my favorite wireless keyboard, number pad and ergonomic mouse. It will take a little getting used to but is by far the best setup on the market. You would use this with the stand above.


Writing, drafting, sketching, schoolwork - If you’re writing a lot (pencil, pen, drafts, designs, sketches on PAPER) then you’ll need a desk like this to make it ergonomic and save your spine. USE WITH THE PENS BELOW:


Anti-gravity or “space” pens have pressurized ink so they work at any angle. Use these with the elevated desk, writing for schoolwork, or documentation so you maintain an ergonomic posture to reduce stress, tension, spasms, and pain. Stop slouching over your desk! Get the right pen and the right surface and sit tall!


PlushBeds is a leading online luxury mattress manufacturer and retailer, specializing in organic and natural mattresses and bedding. All products are handcrafted in their GOLS/GOTS certified organic production facility in California, with free shipping within the contiguous USA. It is PlushBeds’ commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and to a superior customer experience that has driven them to become America’s largest distributor of organic and natural latex mattresses that are as affordable as they are indulgent.PlushBeds is a leading online luxury mattress manufacturer and retailer, specializing in organic and natural mattresses and bedding. All products are handcrafted in their GOLS/GOTS certified organic production facility in California, with free shipping within the contiguous USA. It is PlushBeds’ commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and to a superior customer experience that has driven them to become America’s largest distributor of organic and natural latex mattresses that are as affordable as they are indulgent.

Dr. Jennifer has:

  1. Plush Beds Adjustable Base S755
  2. Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress, in medium (soft-medium soft – medium configuration, see below)
  3. Organic Cotton Mattress Protector
  4. Luxury Handmade Natural Wool Comforter
  5. Organic Cotton Sheets and Bamboo Rayon Sheets

*If you get hot at night these natural fabrics are absolutely fantastic to reduce sweating!

and use PROMO CODE FLUID100 at check out for EXTRA SAVINGS!

(You all can thank Aimee for this as I didn’t even know about promo codes!)

Less expensive option, but excellent option, I recommend:

  1. Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice FIRM mattress.
  2. Go to Amazon, overstock, or here to find a memory foam topper: 3″ height and 4lb density, no ventilation/slits/holes, cooling gel is fine. I recommend shipping it because it is very heavy and hard to maneuver. DO NOT get a memory foam topper attached to the mattress. The mattress will last a long time but the toppers only last about 5-6 years. This way you save money and keep your mattress supportive. I recommend Amazon or for memory foam toppers.

Body Work:


Bike Ergonomics! Avoid Injuries!

No, not all seats are the same. Terry’s women’s saddles are made for the female pelvis. It is a real difference. Most bike’s come with a racing seat for a male pelvis. Your bike seat should be specific to the sport: sitting upright vs cruising vs racing.



As a rower and sculler I miss the boat club in England so much! But I’m not close to a boat club and sculls are so expensive. And now there is OARBOARD – an attachment for your paddle board with carbon fiber paddles and sliding seat that is just like the real deal. Weighting only 26 pounds there is really nothing better if you love the water, rowing and paddle boarding! It really is just so much fun!

The Oar Board® itself is a compact and lightweight rowing unit that attaches to almost any paddleboard turning it into a very cool rowing boat in just minutes. The Oar Board® will fit onto almost any board over 3 meters or 10 feet long. To attach the Oar Board® to the paddleboard, you simply strap it down with thin straps, that snap in place with a stainless steel buckle, and cause no noticeable drag.

Play Video
Play Video


No, not all seats are the same. Terry’s women’s saddles are made for the female pelvis. It is a real difference. Most bike’s come with a racing seat for a male pelvis. Your bike seat should be specific to the sport: sitting upright vs cruising vs racing.

RECREATIONAL RIDING - Terry's saddle optimized for the female pelvis:

Recreational riding/cruising requires a different angle as you are more upright – 45 degrees forward and therefore the pelvic structure is different and the saddle needs to accommodate the different angles. This is a wider more comfortable saddle and will reduce pelvic and lower back pain. Most bikes come with a men’s racing saddle. If you are female this will not work well for you.

Other Options:


Around $50


Around $50



These are suspension straps that you can use in your apartment, in the park, in a hotel, and at the gym. I absolutely love these. The app is below that I recommend which is a 12-week training course. This makes you use the correct posture and is highly ergonomic. I recommend the FORCE app strongly because the videos are ergonomically accurate, there are 3 levels and it balances your workout for the whole body. A free app comes with it, but honestly, for a $40 one-time fee the Force app is the best workout app and it makes your workouts much safer. If you don’t know how to use TRX and would like help contact us. There are TRX trained personal trainers that can come to your house or help you at the gym.

TRX ALL-IN-ONE: Easier to adjust straps. Dr. J's favorite. I recommend the all-in-one bundle.

LESS EXPENSIVE OPTIONS: The GO below is a good alternative but more irritating to use.


Incredible acceleration/deceleration training with dynamic functional movements. Great for core, rotational work, power work, sprint work, endurance. Can be used in an apartment or at the park. TSA won’t let you take in on the plane 🙁 If you’re in doubt start with the suspension training system first. Or buy a bundle with both and start with TRX suspension training.


Doesn’t burn/pull on the skin, stays in place, doesn’t disintegrate like the cheaper bands.


The TRX systems come with a door anchor. This is for attaching to the ceiling or wall.


The best exercise application in Dr. Jennifer's opinion.

Chiropractic Denver CO TRX FORCE


Indoor Climbing Walls / Traverse Walls / Ninja Courses


YakTrax Cleats:

Use on almost any pair of shoes. Instantly have traction and avoid falls! CHECK THE SIZES! There are other brands but this brand holds up over the years and is just excellent. A Dr. J's favorite!

*Do NOT wear on tile or smooth surfaces. It is for outdoor use only. If you wear them in the grocery store you are very likely to fall. Wear them from your car to the store and remove them when safe prior to walking on tile.


Day-Day Walking



This is the air filtration system we use in our office.

Like all Levoit air cleaners, the LV-H133 offers the supremely popular 3-stage True HEPA filtration. This air purification technology extracts as much as 99.97% of allergy triggers as small as 0.3 microns. Well, one air purifier reviewer I know tested whether the LV-H133 actually operates at the stated efficiency. And what were the results? The tests revealed that the machine demonstrates performance of 99.95%.

One notable fact is that the LV-H133 doesn’t just use a HEPA filter; rather, it counts on an H13 filter to purify contaminated air. This H13 filter is technically a medical-grade filtration media and does a better air filtration job than a regular True HEPA filter.

The Fine Prelim Filter: Also, there’s a fine preliminary filter (pre-filter) for stopping larger airborne filth dead in its tracks, before it passes on to the H13 filter. Large particles such as pet hair and tiny fibers/lint get filtered out at this point, and finer airborne particles force their way through the H13 filter, where they’re treated as described above.

The Activated Carbon Odor Filter: Finally, the semi-purified air meets the activated carbon filter that does everything it can to absorb odors. Odors removal isn’t easy, and not many air purifiers do an excellent job. That’s because odor particles are extremely small, which is why some of the smallest particles pass through this sieve as though there was nothing!

The activated carbon filter of this air purifier is designed to trap very small particles, including smoke particles, VOCs, and odor particles. Some Levoits do an ok job eradicating smoke and odors, but the LV-H133 delivers much better performance in that regard. That’s because its H13 filter removes a significant number of some of the smallest pollutants, and most of those that remain get tackled by the odor filter.

What’s Special About H13? H13 True HEPA air filtration removes a whole range of air pollution agents including lint, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander. But it does more than that. It also helps get rid of dust, different kinds of smoke including tobacco smoke, pet dander, VOCs, odors, and even some viruses.

Viruses can be quite small, sometimes as tiny as 0.005 micrometers or microns according to Professor Gary Kaiser. Prof Kaiser says that viruses range between 0.005-0.3 microns. And a H13 filter removes up to 99.95% of 0.01-micron particles, and that includes some viruses. Verdict: H13 captures viruses, but it leaves some of these germs suspended in the air.

But it doesn’t mean True HEPA filtration doesn’t eradicate airborne particulates smaller than 0.3 microns.

Noise Levels of the LV-H133: This product might be powerful, but it’s incredibly quiet on low (just 25 dB). But on high, don’t expect it to be super quiet. The noise can be as high as 54 dB. But while that might be excessively loud for some sleepers, others love having white noise around claiming it induces sleep. To me, the thing sounds like a regular fan on that setting, but not everyone can sleep soundly with all those decibels.

I wanted to know how noisy the LV-H133 gets decibel-wise, and I measured its noise levels for all 3 fan speeds at 15 feet, and here are the numbers I saw. On low, I read 41, 50 on medium, and 60 on High. Why did I get higher decibels than the advertised 25-54 decibels? It’s because I tested in a regular room (my home office), and it’s nothing like an anechoic chamber. Some of the sound must have bounced off the wall and got measured again. Overall, the LV-H133 is an air cleaner you can live with without regret.

Certifications: The LV-H133 is not only safe for home use but also boasts a slew of credible certifications. It’s CARB-certified, ETL, and FCC certified. Do you know what those certifications mean? They mean peace of mind!

Levoit LV-H133 Replacement Filter:


Best dog ramp – and I’ve tried them all. This ramps is sturdy, light-weight, great grip, easy to clean, folds and fits in your trunk and works for large dogs (check weight in the description) and is very easy to use.

This is the same dog ramp, but it’s half the length. It is great for cars lower to the ground, couches, etc.

Best foldable dog stairs. Make sure you measure your car door opening. This worked with my old car but when I got my new car the opening wasn’t wide enough. No problem if you’re using the trunk.

Books / education:

Great for understanding concepts

The workbook – great for doing the exercises and having an index reminder of hand positions, breathing styles, etc. Fantastic if you’ve been to a seminar!

With everyone buying home exercise equipment, please be safe and set up your bike correctly!

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